Let me show you how you can start to manage your moods and emotions, manage change (at work and home) and start to take control back over your life. I’m sharing them here as they are some of my favourites and often used when coaching clients.

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What Is Your Mood?

Part of being human means we are always in some state of emotion – research tells are there are 6 basic moods.

What makes it seem complex is that we can move between these moods quickly and frequently.  We can generate them with our language, they are always accompanied by a story, opinion, judgement about ourselves and our circumstances, other people and how the world is, could be or should be. We can also embody these emotions.

We can be unaware of our emotions, yet they shape how we experience the world and what we do and don’t do. As we become observant of our own and other people’s moods, we can begin to change how we feel and therefore change our responses and actions to our situations. This guide shows you how…

Managing Change

A checklist on planning for and managing change, whether at work or home, will be available in the very near future.

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Living Fully & Simply

Being aware of what is important to us involves knowing what our values are and how to ensure we demonstrate these to ourselves,and to others. This is a core step in living a full and productive life and beating the overwhelm.

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