This first blog is to introduce myself and answer a question I commonly get asked. I hope that in answering it I will give you an understanding of who I am, what I and my business stand for and provide you with some food for thought about your own values and how these show up in your life.

I am often asked where the name “Shinnin” came from. The short answer is over a couple of glasses of wine and a beer or two during great conversation with my family and friends.

The more lengthy answer is that it came about as I was discussing the values I wanted my business to stand for, both in terms of what clients can expect from me and how these values come alive in the work I do for my clients and the challenge I set them in coaching sessions.

I firmly believe that our experience, values and beliefs shape our perceptions and help identify who we are and how we present ourselves to those we meet. I was reading a lot about the importance of business branding and realised that I also wanted an image that reflected my strong sense of family. In doing so I recalled the importance of family shields and emblems and began to look at how I might incorporate my own surnames in a way as part of my company logo. More on this later.

Whilst gaining my certifications and qualifications I learnt about the importance of values and how we can demonstrate them in all aspects of our lives. Whilst delivering coaching and consulting services I realised that effective outcomes were always easier to achieve when there was a trusted relationship between myself and my clients and where they trusted themselves to look at things in a new way or to have a go and try out new ideas and/or approaches.

I love being creative and often have lots of ideas, however I have learnt that the important element is to have self confidence and implement the idea which can lead to new learnings. These new learnings can then be the foundation for success.

As I hunted for a name that reflected the essence of the above I began to distil the values for my business (and for my clients) as being Create, Trust and New. I was therefore delighted when someone I was talking to identified a Japanese word “Shinnin” as representing all three values.

Thus the name of Shinnin Consulting was born, the colours of my logo reflect these words in terms of yellow, orange and red with the imagery reflecting my both my childhood and my married surnames.

What are your values and how do you embody them?

Feel free to download our free worksheet on values if you want to review how you could make these a more integrated aspect to living fully and simply.

In the meantime, please get in touch if I can be of service.

All the best


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